Things You Must Learn To Do in Chengdu: Mahjong

Authors: Go Chengdu


The basics to help you know how to play mahjong, a very popular game among Chengdu locals.
At almost every corner in Chengdu you would find people playing mahjong (majiang): the parks, expensive and inexpensive teahouses, family reunions, and even by the small green grocery stalls, where the business owners enjoy the game while keeping an eye on the vegetables and passersby. So what makes the game so attractive? And how do you play it?
Mahjong Tiles:
Before you prepare to sit at the table with you game partners, you have to know some terms about Mahjong:
There are 3 different suits of simples and in each suit the tiles are numbered from 1 to 9. The suits are: 饼bing or筒tong (circles), 条tiao or琐suo (bamboos), 万wan (characters)
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