Streets Showcasing City’s Cultural Dynamic Diversity

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Chengdu is loved for the numerous streets in and around the city of diversified features that exemplify the dynamic and people-friendly culture, and here are the 10 recommendations for visitors.
Each of the 10 streets has its own stories, features and characteristic.
Tiexiangsi Water Street
Tiexiangsi Water Street, which is named after Tiexiangsi Temple (Iron-cast Statues Temple) built in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), is gaining popularity since its debut in 2013 for its distinctive styles and agreeable environment.
The ambience makes it a very suitable site for sightseeing, meeting, dining, drinking and enjoying fashion and culture, while visitors enjoy the special quietness. Also, the traditional designs of the water street give visitors a taste of the old Chengdu.
Yulin Neighborhood
Yulin Neighborhood is a labyrinth of small streets and back alleys which host a variety of businesses, services, and community activities.
Along Yulin's roads you can see all different styles of restaurants, bars, cafes, art galleries and bookstores fulfilled with locals and travelers.This mix of businesses not only gives Yulin a vibrant atmosphere, but also provides a flourishing environment for the arts.
For years, Yulin has attracted many artists, poets, and architects to set up their work studios and settle in this neighborhood.
Chengdu Music Workshop
Chengdu Music Workshop is located beside Sichuan University and Sichuan Conservatory of Music, which are the cradles of a number of music talents. The workshop is a must-see for its mini-museum and music-themed sculptures. Visitors are able to enjoy performances by flash mobs at night.
Wenshu Fun
Wenshu Fun is next to the famous Wenshu Monastery and occupies an expansive area with buildings of traditional western Sichuan architecture that features blue bricks, stone paths, quadrangle courtyards with cloisters and elaborate artificial landscapes, and so on. With numerous bars, restaurants, and snack and souvenir shops, it is one of the most popular tourist sites in the city.
Zaozi Alley
Zaozi Alley features the tradition of the ancient Chinese medicine, which has become a characteristic block to be photographed and experienced.
Next to tThe Chengdu University of TCM, the alley has many stores of traditional Chinese medicine. A variety of micro landscapes related to Chinese medicine culture, like the garden landscape with "hand holding a silver needle", along the street shows its feature and characteristic.
Kuixinglou Street
Kuixinglou Street has risen to be the most popular complementary location to the Wide and Narrow Alleys, one of the hottest tourist spots in the city, by molding itself a showcase of gourmet foods and artistic trends, a magnet to tourists to the city and the younger generations.
Art-loving young people like to visit the street because of its artistic environs as exemplified by the Min Tang Studio Community and the NU Café, where they find enjoyable time in salons, displays, gigs, bazaars and cult movies.
Dachuan Alley
Dachuan Alley is located in city's downtown, with one end facing the Ancient East Gate of Chengdu's City Wall and the other connecting to Jinjiang River. The Alley was nicknamed as the "Street of Delivery Businesses" before it completed an overall renovation in June of 2019, and now is a location of cultural atmosphere with a cluster of art galleries. There are some nice little quiet patio bars and cafes along the alley.
Tangba Street
With long a history, Tangba Street is filled with civil culture as well as modern civilization. The historic street accommodates the whole neighborhood and moistens things. More and more people are attracted to Tangba Street by its reputation. Tangba Jie in Chengdu is on the 50 "Coolest Neighbourhoods in The World" list named by Time Out magazine, and the popular location's revival of its old and traditional buildings is cited as one of the reasons for it being a must-go spot for tourists.
Upper Qinglian Street
The street is next to Tangba Street, which was named as one of the 50 Coolest Neighborhoods in The World. With uniquely-designed bookstores and coffee bars, the street has old neighborhoods and new development, attracting visitors looking for a less commercial vibe.
Mengzhuiwan Leisure Street Zone
The first phase of the Mengzhuiwan Leisure Street Zone officially opened on September 30, 2019, with Wangpingfang, Xiangxiang Alley and other familiar spots. The leisure zone is taking on a new look, including a variety of new elements ranging from culture, creativity, intangible cultural heritage and culinary delights.

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