Zhongshuge Bookstore in Chengdu

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China’s leading bookstore brand Zhongshuge, famous for its stylized interior decoration, opened its new outlet at in99, Chengdu Yintai Center last month.
How do you spend your hot days as temperature climbs on the thermometer? How about going to have a look of the new Zhongshuge Bookstore?
Chengdu Style
Enter the bookstore and you can find images of Chengdu cultural elements, including the pandas, Wide & Narrow Alleys, Sichuan opera and so on.
Traditional-style plaques hanging on the doors
The design of the bookshelves imitates pandas, creating the relaxing atmosphere.
Little Secret of the Hall
Unique designs can also be found in the spacious hall, which provides the venue for various kinds of cultural activities, such as reading salon.
Do you find the hidden books in the space between the staircases?
Kids Zone
The kids zone is decorated with fairy-tale elements, such interesting bookshelves and the giant reflective glass on the roof.
Recreation Zone
Pick up some favorite books and go to the reading world, where you can enjoy snack and drinks and the picturesque scenery out of the window.

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