Fun Finds on Weekends

Authors: Go Chengdu


This weekend, we invite you to soak in an immersive exhibition and watch the great work by William Shakespeare, to see the lotus flowers swaying in the breeze and get a close look at interesting illustrations and cultural differences.
Time: June 29-30
Venue: Chengdu International Cultural Art Center
Tickets: RMB 79
EXPOSURE is an immersive exhibition, in which you can find inspirations through the interaction with artists. The show is divided into 5 sections, each with 2-3 keywords. You can view the stimulative exhibition and broaden horizons with co-creations.
Antony & Cleopatra
Time: June 30, 14:30-18:30
Venue: Eying 1958 Movie City
Tickets: RMB 120
Originally written by William Shakespeare, this version is from British National Theater. Ralph Fiennes and Sophie Okonedo collaborated in the scene to show people an epic story about sin and justice, passionate love and political interests.
Lotus Flower Appreciation
Time: June 7-July 7
Venue: Fangxing Town, Xinjin County
The vast expanse of lotus flowers in north Chengdu's Xinjin County is now a perfect place to relax in the summer days. There you can view the beautiful scenery, go boating, and taste local rustic food and snacks cooked with lotus roots and seeds.
"We Are All Alone" illustration show
Time: June 8-30
Venue: Yang Independent Art Space
Held by Press Wow! Studio, the different stories in the illustration show, with works from 14 artists on display, help people understand the meaning of each individual and effects people bring to each other.
Pening Exhibition
Time: April 30-July 30
Venue: Dapu the Museum of Modern Art
10 Chinese and Germany artists are invited to the exhibition, whose works present the cultural characters.

Local Snacks at Food Boutique Shops

Here are the restaurants where typical local dishes and snacks are offered in Chengdu. Wish you a fun-filled gastronomic experience in the city.

Apr 22, 2019

【Video】FOOD FUN IN CHENGDU| Pandas's "Afternoon Tea"

As the most special and the first video in the series of FOOD FUN IN CHENGDU, "Pandas's 'Afternoon Tea'" shows how the nutritious "afternoon tea" snack for giant pandas is made.

May 13, 2019

【Video】FOOD FUN IN CHENGDU| Pizza with Local Flavors

In this video, Matan Malavski, from Israel, combines the local cured meat and western-style pizza.

May 13, 2019

【Video】FOOD FUN IN CHENGDU | GM of Int’l Hotel's Kitchen

In the video, Kurt Macher, General Manager of the Temple House took off his suit and made spaghetti with Sichuan chili paste at the hotel kitchen after a whole day work.

May 13, 2019

【Video】International Food with Chengdu Flavor

You'll get a different experience. Follow our camera and find fun.

May 17, 2019

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