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Watching exhibitions enriches your life experience!
Louis Vuitton Time Capsule
Time: June 7-July 14
Venue: Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li Chengdu
The "Time Capsule" exhibition by Louis Vuitton offers a retrospective of the iconic works featuring technology and design innovations in the history of the brand since it was founded in 1854, including rare collections from Louis Vuitton.
Time: June 7-16
Venue: Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li Chengdu
Dior Pink City immersive-experience and limited-time theme shop, to be transformed into a pink urban block, is inspired by the classic products and colors of Dior. It consists of seven themed sections, as Pink Flower Shop, Pink Bookstore, Pink Concert Hall, Movie Area, Pink Backstage, Urban Spa Area, and Pink Cafe.
Shoes On Show Off
Time: June 1-16
Venue: Chengdu IFS, LG2
The innovations in technology and designs have made sneakers a symbol of fashion among youngsters instead of footwears of athletic people.
Focusing on the sneaker culture of young people, the display combines the fashion trends with interesting interactive experiences.
China City Josef Schulz Solo Exhibition
Time: April 28-June 27
Venue: Brise Gallery, Chengdu
Josef Schulz (born 1966) is a photographer of modern warehouses and factories ― industrial buildings that nobody would consider to be of any major architectural interest. Josef Schulz's new series "China City" at the new space of Brise Gallery will also bring several early works by the artist and a few video works that were rarely publicly exhibited before.
Lacquer Painting Exhibition
Time: June 7-18
Venue: Chengdu Art Academy
The exhibition features lacquer paintings by artists from southeast China's Fujian province.
Fujian is one of the birthplaces of Chinese lacquer art, which is a traditional Chinese art form with a history of thousands of years.

Local Snacks at Food Boutique Shops

Here are the restaurants where typical local dishes and snacks are offered in Chengdu. Wish you a fun-filled gastronomic experience in the city.

Apr 22, 2019

【Video】FOOD FUN IN CHENGDU| Pandas's "Afternoon Tea"

As the most special and the first video in the series of FOOD FUN IN CHENGDU, "Pandas's 'Afternoon Tea'" shows how the nutritious "afternoon tea" snack for giant pandas is made.

May 13, 2019

【Video】FOOD FUN IN CHENGDU| Pizza with Local Flavors

In this video, Matan Malavski, from Israel, combines the local cured meat and western-style pizza.

May 13, 2019

【Video】FOOD FUN IN CHENGDU | GM of Int’l Hotel's Kitchen

In the video, Kurt Macher, General Manager of the Temple House took off his suit and made spaghetti with Sichuan chili paste at the hotel kitchen after a whole day work.

May 13, 2019

【Video】International Food with Chengdu Flavor

You'll get a different experience. Follow our camera and find fun.

May 17, 2019

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