Congee Choices in Spring

Authors: Go Chengdu


Chinese people have the tradition of eating various congees to keep fit and strengthen the body’s vitality and spring is considered as the best time to eat congees cooked with with some vegetables, such as Chinese leek, celery and shepherd’s-purse, to benefit the liver.
Congee with Shepherd’s-purse
Shepherd’s-purse is one of the most-loved wild vegetables of Chinese people.
Shepherd’s-purse, 100g
Rice, 50g
Ginger, 10g
Sesame, 5g
A pinch of salt
1. Clean the shepherd’s-purse;
2. Mince the gingers;
3. Clean the rice;
4. Put the rice, minced gingers and some water into a pot, then cook over high heat for 20 minutes;
5. Add the shepherd’s-purse into the pot, then reduce heat;
6. Turn off the heat while the congee is ready, then add sesame oil and some salt.
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