Cherry Picking Destinations in Suburban Chengdu

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Cherries harvest season again! And here is a tour guide to the cherry plantations around Chengdu, where you can get a sight of the cherries, pick the fruit, breathe the fresh air and enjoy your holiday.
Covetous city dwellers can hardly resist the attraction of the numerous cherry orchards in the suburban areas when the harvest season arrives, generally in late April and early May, for the simple reason to have the delight of seeing bright red cherries dangling in trees and eating the fresh, tender, sour and sweet fruit. The harvest season comes a week earlier than usual this year and it's the right time you went to the destinations.
Cherry Picking Destinations in Suburban Chengdu
Yingtao Gou (Cherry Valley), Jianyang City 简阳贾家镇樱桃沟
The site in southeast Chengdu's Jianyang City boasts the largest cherry planting area around Chengdu, covering about 1,333 hectares. Yingtao Gou (Cherry Valley) is only 30 km from downtown Chengdu and close to the Sancha Lake.
Address: Jiajia Township, Jianyang City
Daxi Valley, Pujiang County 蒲江大溪谷
One of the best known cherry- picking sites for Chengdu people. The 2018 Pujiang Cherry Festival has already started, with many colorful programs for visitors. This year, the organizers have upgraded the traffic and accommodation facilities and prepared the cherry wine as a new brand for the festival.
Address: Guangming Town, Pujiang County
Qingquan Township, Qingbaijiang District 青白江清泉镇
A cherry festival is going on and the highlights of this year are larger cherry fields and the newly-introduced varieties.
Address: Qingquan Township, Qingbaijiang District
Yanjiaba Township, Ziyang City 资阳晏家坝
Cherries in Yanjiaba Township are noted for sweeter tastes and mulberry fruit will add flavors to the cherry picking tour in the areas.
Address: Yanjiaba Township, Ziyang City
Daoming Town, Chongzhou City 崇州道明镇樱桃沟
Cherries in Daoming Township come into the harvest season a little later than other cherry plantations in Chengdu, usually in late April and early May.
Address: Daoming Town, Chongzhou City
Guihua Lake Tourist Park, Meishan City 眉山桂花湖
The neighboring area of Guahua Lake is a famous sightseeing site and fruit production base in Meishan City south to Chengdu.
Address: Fusheng Township in Dongpo District of Meishan City
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