Chengdu's Distinctive Bookstores for Kids

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Here are our editor’s picks of places to find children’s books in the city.
There's nothing to get your kids reading like a super fun and chic bookstore! Our wonderful city is full of bookstores for kids – whether they're an independent space, a whole floor or a corner of a shopping center, they are multifunctional and offer a diverse range of books for children.
Chengdu, following Beijing, ranks second nationwide with a total of 3,463 brick-and-mortar bookshops, according to a list of cities with the most bookstores in China.
Check out our editor's picks for the best bookstores for kids in Chengdu and take your little bookworms to their favorite ones!
Kids Winshare (Winshare Books)
Decorated with various green plants, Winshare Books creates a cozy atmosphere in its three-floor forest-like reading spaces, where the Kids Winshare on the third floor is the first professional children's bookstore in southwest China, with nearly 10,000 illustrated books for those under 0-12 years old.
The bespoke space for little kids is a wonderful world, colorful and bright with fun nooks for reading. All avid little readers can't help being absorbed in the beautifully illustrated and alluring Chinese and English books on the shelves there. They can sit and read on large pillows, couches, or comfy rug in the 1,500-square meter space.
In addition, the bookstore offers spaces for exhibitions, lectures, as well as cultural events.
Address: F3 Nine Square Mall, 88 Tianfu Avenue Mid-section, Hi-tech Zone
Zhongshuge Bookstore Chengdu
Located on the fourth floor of the Yintai In99 shopping mall, the Chinese bookstore chain Zhongshuge's Chengdu store is a curvilinear space that truly inspires people's imagination.
The lecture hall and the children's section feature mirror ceilings and wraparound shelves that provide a unique and immersive environment for reading and shopping.
The children's book section gives readers a real and stunning Alice in Wonderland experience. With a forest of giant mushrooms, curved bamboo trunk-shaped bookshelves and panda elements, the space looks like something out of a fairy tale.
With shielded areas and reflective ceilings in the children's section – which make the 5-meter-high space appear much larger than it actually is – the setting encourages exploration of both the space itself and the books on display.
Curved shelves resemble a bamboo forest
Panda-shaped designs and traditional structures hiding among the creative shelving
Mushroom-like sculptures looming over the children's displays
Address: L421-422 In99 Mall, 1199 Tianfu Avenue North Section, Hi-tech Zone
Fang Suo Commune
The Fang Suo Commune is more than just a bookstore. It is an all-in-one place selling not only books but food, drinks, clothes and conceptual housewares and daily gadgets.
It consists of several functional sections: a book retailing area, boutiques, a café and a zone for reading and interaction. The store is conceptualized as a Sutra Depository, which was a private place to store knowledge, books, sutras and letters in ancient China, by its designer who was inspired by the story of Xuanzang, a famous Chinese Buddhist monk in the Tang Dynasty (618-907). Located in the basement of a commercial block surrounding the centuries-old Daci Monastery at the very center of downtown Chengdu, the bookstore was structured with various raw materials to resemble the scene of an ancient sutra depository.
The section for children's books on the store's second floor is under an illuminated, white barrel roof, creating an environment imbued with culture for people seeking inner peace and wisdom.
Address: LG1 Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li Chengdu, 8 Middle Shamao Street, Jinjiang District
Yanjiyou Bookstore
There are two Yanjiyou bookstores in the city: one is in the Chengdu IFS and the other in CapitaMall Tianfu.
The Yanjiyou flagship bookstore in the Chengdu IFS offers a section for children, where there are a variety of picture and chapter books, as well as a wide selection of classic Chinese stories translated into English. Parents can relax with a coffee while their kids enjoy some desserts in the café inside the bookstore. The store often launches events and activities for children at weekend.
Address: LG223 Chengdu International Financial Square (IFS), Jinjiang District/F4 CapitaMall Tianfu, 388 Tianren Road, Hi-tech Zone
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