5 Must Visit Poetic Places in Chengdu

Authors: Go Chengdu


There are many poetic sties in Chengdu. Have you ever been to them?
Chengdu West Village
A must-visit site in Chengdu is the West Village, an art and creative industry cluster, where you can find novel shops with cultural atmosphere and taste delicious snacks.
Add: North Beisen Road, Qingyang District
Paotongshu Street
Not far from the Wide and Narrow Alleys, Paotongshu Street shows people a different lifestyle of Chengdu which is leisurely, quiet and peaceful. The beautiful flowers, plants and well-decorated shops and houses give a fancy and nice look to the street.
Add: Paotongshu Street , Qingyang District
Panda Sculpture on Chengdu IFS
The climbing panda sculpture on the rooftop of Chengdu IFS is a landmark in the city. No matter where you are from, I bet you will be attracted by the cute panda image and can't help taking selfies with it.
Add: Hongxing Road Pedestrian Street, Jinjiang District
Fang Suo Commune Bookstore
Known as one of the 14 most beautiful bookstores in the world, the Fang Suo Commune Bookstore in Chengdu is made up of several functional sections for book retailing, boutiques, a café and and a reading & interaction zone. Locals enjoy the leisurely time in the well-decorated bookstore for reading and having drinks.
Add: B1, Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li Chengdu, Jinjiang District
Yunhua Village
Imagine you are taking pictures in a beautiful sea of flowers, when a plane suddenly passes just over your head. As long as you get the right angle, you can take a picture in which your hand is like catching the flying plane.
Add: Yunhua Village, Shengli Town, Shuangliu District

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