Online Exhibitions Beating Boredom and Stress

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You can enjoy these virtual museum tours without leaving the comfort on your couch, and free of charge.
With the battle against the novel coronavirus going on, we have handpicked a bunch of online exhibitions from major Chinese museums to help you kick out the boredom and stress from the prolonged compulsory confinement by exploring the wonderful world on the virtual museum tours, free of charge.

1. the Palace Museum
The Panoramic Palace Museum, a feature of the official website of the Palace Museum, enables visitors to virtually explore the ancient architectural compound. [Photo/Official website of the Palace Museum]
You can have the 600-year-old Forbidden City entirely to yourself, across the halls, gardens and courtyards, through the labyrinth as well as the stories and royal myth about each of the exhibits.
2. Shenyang Palace Museum
The Qing emperor's dragon robe is one of the highlights of the collection of the Shenyang Palace Museum. [Photo/Official website of the Shenyang Palace Museum]
The museum's online showcase presents 90 pieces of the highest level of China's cultural relics under state protection from its impressive Qing imperial collection. Among them are top-quality works of porcelain, enamel, lacquer ware, sculpture, calligraphy, painting and embroidery.
3. Chinese artifacts repatriated from Italy
A screenshot of the National Museum of China. [Photo/National Museum of China]
The National Museum of China is showcasing a total of 796 Chinese artifacts that in March 2019 were successfully claimed back from Italy. Among the artifacts there are many pottery figurines of camel caravans from the Han (206 BC-AD 220) and Tang (618-907) dynasties, providing abundant information on cultural communication and trade between the East and the West.
4. Cultural relics from states of Wu, Yue and Chu
Poster for the exhibition The Age of Yue Kings: Selected cultural relics from states of Wu, Yue and Chu [Photo/Official website of the Zhejiang Provincial Museum]
The exhibition The Age of Yue Kings: Selected cultural relics from states of Wu, Yue and Chu at the Zhejiang Provincial Museum highlights more than 320 pieces of cultural artifacts from 27 museums and cultural institutes across the country. It sketches the history of and relations among Wu, Yue, and Chu, three states that flourished and waned in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River from the Spring and Autumn period to the Warring States period (770BC-221BC).
Aside from ancient bronze ware, lacquer ware, pottery and porcelain, the famous Sword of Gou Jian, king of the Yue State in the Spring and Autumn period (770BC-476BC), is also on display.
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