Mother’s Day in Chengdu

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Watch a movie or spend a day with mom, or send her a card with heart-touching poems.

Mother's Day is celebrated every year in order to lay emphasis on the role of our mother that she plays in our lives. Different people have different way of celebrating the Mother's Day. While some people think that flowers or any of her favorite gifts will be enough to make her feel how much you care, some think that something real, something that you can communicate through words, will definitely be great.

Watch a movie or spend a day with mom, or send her a card with heart-touching poems. Your mother will surely appreciate the heartfelt emotions and treasure them forever.

Mother's Day Movies

Todo sobre mi madre (Spain)

Manuela is a hard-working single mom who has raised her son Esteban by herself since the time he was born. On his 17th birthday they go to the theater and after the show, Esteban tries to get the main actress' autograph but is run down on the street and dies. Manuela is beside herself with grief and decides to return to Barcelona to tell the boy's transgender father Lola, about the death of the son he never knew he had. He is nowhere to be found but Manuela does find an old friend, Agrado and meets up with a pregnant nun, Rosa. Together they form a life and become fast friends — until tragedy strikes again.

Mother's Day Activities

Writing Heart-Touching Poems to Mom

Time: 14:30-18:00, May.13

Venue: #M68-70 Fangsuo Commune, TaiKooLi, Jinjiang District

Love Postcard Day

Time: 13:30-17:30, May.13

Venue: Starbucks, Tiejian Plaza, Chenghua District

HiMo Shooting Studio for Mother's Day

Venue: in99 Chengdu Yintai Centre, Hi-Tech Zone

Price: RMB499/set

【ABC Cooking Studio】Cake DIY with Mom

Venue: #M ABC Cooking Studio, TaiKooLi, Jinjiang District

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