Chengdu Cultural Center Reopens Partially

Authors: Go Chengdu


More cultural sites have decided to reopen partially and gradually. Chengdu Cultural Center resumed service on March 2.
As no new confirmed cases of COVID-19 are reported in Chengdu for consecutive 11 days, more and more tourist and cultural sites are gradually reopening since the government released a guidance on resuming work during the epidemic prevention and control period.
According to the information on the official website of Chengdu Cultural Center, the center has reopened to the public since March 2 while cautious measures are taken.
The center closed to visitors during the Spring Festival, with most cultural and art activities being suspended, in a bid to reduce the risk of cross-infection of the virus.
1. Opening: From Monday to Friday (9:00-12:00, 13:00-17:00), Starting March 2;
2. Opening areas: outdoor spaces such as cultural activity squares, garden areas, cultural and art galleries, and other venues where people are not likely to gather, such as "Dajia art gallery";
3. Booking online: visitors need to do online registration beforehand through the APP "culture tianfu (文化天府)" or WeChat public account "culture tianfu (文化天府)". Only 50 visitors are granted admisson for each day's morning and afternoon;
4. Avoid crowds: at the same time, 10 people are allowed to enter the museum within 30 minutes to avoid crowds. No more than 100 people enter the museum every day and group visits are not allowed;
5. Requirements: all visitors with valid ID cards and reservations should have a normal body temperature and wear a mask;
6. Inform the staff immediately if you feel unwell with symptoms like fever or coughing after entering the museum.
Add: 17 Caotang Road, Qingyang District (adjacent to the Du Fu Thatched Cottage Museum)
Hotline: 87339103 or 87360033
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