The One Int’l Women’s Film Festival Held in Chengdu

Authors: Go Chengdu


Thirty six excellent women's films from across the globe will be screened September 6-14 during period of the festival.
It's encouraging that nowadays there are more and more women achieving in all walks of life. The film industry is seeing an ever increasing number of actresses, women film editors and female directors across the world.
Today, GoChengdu would like to invite you to a high-level "female film festival".
The name of the One International Women's Film Festival stems from the idea of "one mountain is one world" in the traditional Chinese culture. It is the one and only international women's film festival in China.
A total of 36 excellent women's films from across the globe will be screened during the festival. Three important forums, the One International Female Film Editors Forum, the One International Women's Forum and the One Asian Women's Film Forum, will be staged. Chinese household filmmakers including Ma Yili, Zhang Xinyi, Lv Le, Barbara Wong, and Qin Haiyan will attend this event.
You should not miss it!
Opening Film
Lost, Found
Brief Introduction:
Li Jie (starring: Yao Chen), a lawyer in the throes of divorce, is fighting her ex-husband for the custody of their daughter. She is lucky that her nanny Sun Fang (starring: Ma Yili) is there for her and dedicatedly looking after Li Jie's daughter. After returning from the workplace one day, Li Jie finds that without any signs of warning, her daughter and Sun Fang just vanish. In seeking for the whereabouts of her daughter and Sun Fang, the truth about Sun Fang gradually comes to light.
Closing Film
My Brilliant Career
Brief Introduction:
Judy Davis plays a woman in the movie who has all the makings of a writer and the guts to confront the conservative environment. When she is young, the heroine proclaims her ambition to be a woman of letters. In the early 20th century, when women were not granted the social status they deserved, her story of fighting was a poem featuring the growth of feminism.
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