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Gil Kreslavsky, a photographer from Israel, has settled down in Chengdu and set up a photographers club in the city.
What's the charm of photography? Well, you may get one thousand different answers to the question if you ask one thousand photographers. Yet, you can see the same enthusiasm in their eyes ― an expression of love for the art of beauty.
It is this enthusiasm that has brought Gil Kreslavsky to all the parts of the world and finally, to the city of Chengdu.
The Israeli photographer loves traveling and his photos are published in travel magazines, such as National Geographic, exhibitions and collected by private photo lovers around the world.
His story with Chengdu began last year, when he first visited the city and instantly fell in love with it, and later decided to start a new photography career here.
"At first, I just planned to spend one week or two in Chengdu. But the more I saw about the city, the more I liked it. Then I made up my mind to do something here."
And Gil set up the Chengdu Photo Club last November, the first international photography club in Sichuan, in cooperation with his friends,
Almost on every weekend, they would have shutterbugs in Chengdu to set off on photo-taking tours around the city and other places in Sichuan. Natural landscape and local lifestyle are recorded in their cameras.
Demos, lectures, training sessions and workshops are held almost every week, and members of the club enjoy the time discussing on themes, compositions and so on.
"I hope our club can help people take better photos, no matter what cameras they are using, smartphones, small pocket cameras or any other cameras. Everyone gets something in the Photo Critic, which will help them improve," said Gil. "In the beginning, the club only had a small number of members. Then, more and more people know about us and join our activities. People in Chengdu are so friendly and hospitable, I have to say."
Gil revealed his plan to develop the Chengdu Photo Club into the largest international photography club in China.
Yes, a city combining modernity and tradition perfectly, Chengdu never fails to inspire people to create good works.
To know more about the club, scan the QR code below:
(Photos are provided by Gil Kreslavsky)

The Vision of Masters

The Vision of Masters—Lucie Awards Masters Photography Exhibition and 2014 & 2015 IPA Best of Show opened on Jan 9 and will last till Jan 23 at the Chengdu Photography Center.

Jan 11, 2016

Photography Exhibition on Sichuan Opera Art

The ongoing photography exhibition of Sichuan Opera art titled Of the Past, Of the Present displays photos taken in the past three years by local photographers Jiang Xiaowen and Zhao Xiuwen.

May 12, 2016

Photography Exhibition by Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn

The Photography Exhibition by Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, one of the important events to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Thailand, is being staged at the Fangsuo Commune.

May 31, 2016

Peach Picking in Jianyang

It is the harvest season for peaches in Yunlong Township of southeast Chengdu’s Jianyang City, where a peach picking event, including a local agricultural products fair and a photography program, is being staged.

Jun 03, 2016

Loop-Photography and Video Experiments in Southwestern China since 2000

The exhibition titled Loop-Photography and Video Experiments in Southwestern China since 2000 to open on Dec. 23 at LUXELAKES·A4 Art Museum displays newly created works by 11 image artists from southwest China.

Dec 19, 2017

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