Sichuan Artists Debut in Parcours Saint-Germain

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Chengdu IFS brings Sichuan artists to Paris for Parcours Saint-Germain debut
"The Art of Shape" – Explore art in the urban space at Parcours Saint-Germain
Founded in 2000, Parcours Saint-Germain is an annual art event bringing contemporary art installations to a neighborhood of cultural heritage and modern charm, aiming to inspire thought and strengthen the relationship between the public and art. Under the theme "The Art of Shape", this year's event runs for 10 days and features more than 30 artists from all over the world. Innovating, deconstructing, and exploring materials, the artists investigate the potential of "shape" and produce works that manifest the ineffable. Their art pieces will be displayed at landmark sights, branded shops, cafés, and other public space in the Saint-Germain neighborhood, encouraging the public to ponder "unknown shapes."
Chengdu IFS invites Sichuan artists to participate in Paris Parcours
Parcours Saint-Germain kicked off the 2018 cooperation programs between Chengdu IFS and Saint-Germain-des-Prés Committee in their international partnership. Working with the event's organizing committee, Chengdu IFS invited Zhao Mi and Chen Weicai, two leading artists from Sichuan, to create and present artworks featuring Chengdu elements and oriental charm, helping open a dialogue between the world and the motifs of traditional Chinese culture. Artist Zhao Mi chose bamboo, an iconic element of southern China, as the raw material for his installation.
Zhao Mi's piece for Parcours Saint-Germain 2018 is called "Grand Waterfall". Featuring 700 bamboo poles, a curtain, and flowing water, the piece brings to life a striking traditional Chinese freestyle landscape painting right in front of the centuries-old Saint-Germain-des-Prés Cathedral. With this installation, Zhao Mi showcases the inclusiveness and evolution of Chengdu City by crafting a beautiful harmony between western style and traditional oriental culture.
Chen Weicai built his work "Palace" using time-honored raw material: gray tile. Inspired by the architecture of western Sichuan and using gray tiles crafted at the ancient Chengdu town of Luodai, Chen Weicai creates a semi-private space fitting the context and layout of Place Fürstenberg, Saint-Germain-des-Prés. It's a unique beauty crafted by letting the curved structure be surrounded by the trees around Place Fürstenberg.
"Red Panda" a sculpture created by renowned French contemporary artist Richard Orlinski, is also on display at Place Saint-Sulpice. Made of red resin, the sculpture stands three meters tall, stretches two and a half meters wide, and weighs 200kg, expressing the broad power and serene calmness of the panda. Specially made for OPÉRATION PANDA last Christmas and commissioned by Chengdu IFS, this popular "Red Panda" symbolizes the friendship and values of this international partnership.
As a new Chengdu City landmark, Chengdu IFS strives to lead the way in promoting international fashion, culture, and art. Chengdu IFS is committed to its mission of advancing the internationalization of both Jinjiang District and Chengdu City.

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