[Locals’ Choice] Chenjin Teahouse

Authors: Go Chengdu


Located by the riverside in the famous Tiexiangsi Water Street in southern Chengdu, Chenjin Teahouse provides an agreeable ambiance for local people and a showcase for visitors to know about the leisurely life in Chengdu.
As Tiexiangsi Water Street is gaining popularity, the outdoor teahouse receives more visitors coming to experience the typical lifestyle of locals.
Wooden tables and bamboo chairs are placed at random in front of a stage, where various performances including Sichuan Opera are sometimes given. The antithetical couplet is hung on the two sides of the stage, with characters meaning "Life Is Long" and "Take It Easy" — a witness of local people's attitude towards life.
The teahouse is named by its owner, Chenjin, who is a tea-lover and a famous photographer. As vice chairman of Sichuan Photographers Association, Chen has published a book called "Sichuan Teahouse", which collects his photos of over a hundred teahouses in and around Chengdu.
Visitors can choose to stay indoor or outdoor, while different types of tea with different prices can be purchased easily through the QR code on the window. Ear-picking service is also provided with only 30 yuan each time.
Address: Tiexiangsi Water Street, Jiannan Avenue, Wuhou District
Price: about RMB34/person

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