In Pictures: Spring Arrives With Diverse Bloomers

Authors: Go Chengdu


Spring Has Sprung in Chengdu. Here are some of our recent spring photos in rural Chengdu.
As we put aside the thick coats for winter, nature is also shedding its winter coat and donning its spring finery.
Spring flowers in Chengdu start to bloom in late March and will last till May. The diverse spring flower blossoms transform Chengdu from its cold and rigorous winter into a warmer and flowery spring. People are out for their favorite spring flowers scattered in and around city.
Ancient Chinese poets loved to extol on the arrival of spring. Let's read the following popular poem from Tang Dynasty (618-907), "Spring Dawn" (春晓 , Chun Xiao) by Meng Haoran (孟浩然):
(chūn )( mián )()( jué)( xiǎo)
I wake up at the dawn of spring,
(chù )( chù)( wén)()(niǎo)
and hear the birds everywhere sing.
()( lái )( fēnɡ )()( shēnɡ)
as sounded the wind and rain overnight,
(huā )( luò )( zhī )( duō)( shǎo)
I wonder how many blooms alight.
Now is the best time to break out of the daily grind in search of nature. Besides the popular peach and rapeseed blossoms, you might find yourself surprised by the sheer diversity of Chengdu's flora.

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