Record The Diversified Life in Chengdu, Says Hiroko Hirota

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“I just want Japanese people to find the charming and diversified life of Chengdu,” said Hiroko Hirota at the awarding ceremony of the Focus on Chengdu photo contest, held in Chengdu on November 21.
A professional photographer from Tokyo, Hiroko is also a fan of the giant panda and the Three Kingdoms (220-280 AD) culture. "I have a special feeling for the city of Chengdu," she said.
She had three of her photos win the prize of the contest, which was launched by in November 2017.
The photos by Hiroko, with the titles of Happiness, Easy Lifestyle and Sichuan Garden, highlight the life of ordinary people of Chengdu and have received quite a lot of likes on the website of "I enjoy recording the beautiful moments in Chengdu with my camera, and share my memory of the city with more people," she said.
Hiroko's works Happiness
"Chengdu is taking on a new look day by day, and I'm expecting what it will look like in the future," she added.

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