Chengdu in Lens of Foreigners

Authors: Go Chengdu


In the course of building itself into a world famous cultural city, Chengdu, with a history of some 3,000 years, is exerting a stronger appeal to people from all over the globe due to its splendid Tianfu Culture.
The Focus on Chengdu Photo Exhibition & Awarding Ceremony was held in Chengdu November 21, 2018. About 200 people, including photographers from across the globe, media and chambers of commerce in Chengdu, participated in the event at the Temple House.
The ceremony was the completion of a year-long photo soliciting and contest of photos focusing on Chengdu, sponsored by, a portal website in Chengdu for foreign-oriented publicity. The program had collected over 1,000 photos by about 500 photographers since its launch in November 2017. The submitted works show the diverse aspects of Chengdu and its people, featuring leisurely lifestyle and rapid development of the city. Six photographers were awarded prizes at the ceremony, and the top winner was Guillaume Kaufmann from Switzerland.
The image of the website, GoPan, a cartoon panda figure, and the video This is Chengdu, which is made for the publicity of the city, were launched at the ceremony.
A selection of the entries of 48 photos were put on show at the site, where people were impressed by the themes of the city, including the Tianfu Greenway, pandas, Sichuan Opera, hotpot, teahouses and other local elements of the Tianfu Culture.

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