【Picture】Chengdu in 24 Hours

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The images of Chengdu in 24 hours.
Passengers aboard a plane catch the sight of the shadows of the tall mountains of the Qionglai Ridge in distance, including the Little Sister Peak at 6,250 meters above sea level. The plane, after an 8-hour flight since it left the United Arab Emirates in western Asia, is now above the Chengdu Plain.
The tower cranes stand proudly in the thin mist at Dong'an Lake Sports Center in eastern Chengdu, where the opening and closing ceremonies of the 31st Summer Universiade will be held in 2021.
The sun emerges from the horizon and sprinkles its first rays in the city, revealing the busy early birds on the road heading for work places. A new day has begun.
The elders get up early and enjoy the pleasure of fishing on the riverside of Jinjiang River.
The sun goes up. The sunlight light ups the antiquated eaves of Daci Monastery and outlines modern high-rises on the Dongda Street.
The Greenland Tower now under construction stands in eastern Chengdu, close to the Longquan Mountains, and will be the tallest skyscraper in the southwest of China. With a height of 468 meters, the structure is one of the first parts in the city to greet the sunlight.
The fine weather sees hosts of local residents enjoying tea in outdoor spaces. The sunny days are not so common and much treasured by Chengdu people, who live in the Sichuan Basin surrounded by high mountains on the sides.
Office workers in tall buildings have relaxation around the lunch time.
The vitality of the city is exemplified by the emerging Tianfu CBD in the southern.
An old man takes a nap beside the mottled red wall in the slanting sunlight.
Inside the wall is the Wenweng School with its history traced back to 2, 000 years ago.
Traffic on the Tianfu Boulevard, the axis of Chengdu, is busy all day long.
Also busy is the Dongda Street in downtown Chengdu.
In the gathering dusk the Sichuan TV Tower, the tallest structure in western China, is waiting for its glamorous display in the evening.
Jinjiang River will also put on a colorful show as the night falls.
As the setting sun is soon to fall behind the tall mountains in the west, the structure of Sichuan University gives its most impressive view to the world.
The 13-storey Jiutian Pagoda at Tazishan Park is silhouetted in the harmonious view of it and the high rises in the background.
The sunlight sheds its last rays of the day and illuminates the Snow Mountains in the west, making a magnificent picture of nature and city living in harmony.
Darkness falls and a gastronomic carnival of the city begins.
Apart from the famous hotpot and chuanchuan, there are countless gourmet delights around the city.
A fantastic electronic fireworks show of Sichuan TV Tower lights up the sky.
Jinjiang River is lit up all night, posing itself a reflection of the everlasting prosperity since the ancient times.
May the prosperity last long and forever.
Traffic on the flyovers is ebbing away, while but there are always busy people as night deepens.
The view of the downtown area from the Longquan Mountains reminds you of the yesterday and today of the city. Time goes on and hopes continue.

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May 22, 2019

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May 22, 2019

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May 22, 2019

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