MFG: Paradise for Young Entrepreneurs
The MFG Maker Federation, an incubation space located in central Chengdu, has made itself a paradise for young entrepreneurs and business start-ups since its launch in 2015.
The incubation space, covering nearly 30,000 sqm, provides warm environs and customized services for business start-ups that cover delivery receiving and inner deco for office spaces.
MFG is committed to creating a model of an all-round entrepreneurial community and a new business operation platform to combine life, work and entertainment for entrepreneurs and employees. It takes into consideration all situations in work and life of clienteles. MFG also seeks the capital sourcing and facilitates cooperation among the government, companies, properties, and operators.
Project manager of MFG said the new operation model is welcome by many small and medium micro-enterprises and MFG's office space in IFS has enjoyed full occupancy.

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