"Home of Foreigners" Makes Foreigners Feel at Home
The Expat Service Center has become popular with foreign expats living in Jinjiang District.
Located at the service center of Niushalu community in Shuanggui Road, the Expat Service Center in Jinjiang District, often nicknamed as "The Home of Foreigners", was established last December and has become popular with foreign expats living in the district.
A varied programs have been carried out at the center in order to help them enjoy life in Chengdu and get close to the people of the local community. It also has facilities including the library, computer room, handicrafts room, board games room and so on.
"The Home of Foreigners" often organizes a wide variety of such events as language training, calligraphy training, tea tasting, traditional Chinese festival celebration and Chinese cuisine sessions.
The center also helps foreign expats in Jinjiang District with accommodation registration, visa application, visa expiration reminder, police notification, as well as the consultancy about different kinds of laws, regulations and policies involving exit & entry documents, visa documents and 72-hour visa-free policy.

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