Night Tour of Chengdu
Chengdu puts on another face at nightfall and switches into a completely different gear. The Chengdu skyline never looks quite as magnificent as when its millions of lights are contrasted against the dark night sky.

Destination 5: Happy Valley Amusement Park
The Chengdu Happy Valley is an exciting and exhilarating theme park with bustling people and dazzling neon lights at night. When twilight descends upon the city, all of the structures and buildings here become imbued with a joyous and warm atmosphere. The park offers a large selection of stimulating and entertaining games and items. The most popular recreational facilities in the park include Swing Wooden Horse, Ferris Wheel, DISK'O, Rotating Flying Chair, Bumper Cars, Huge Pendulum and Ghost Fright House.

Other options:
Huanhuaxi Park
Tianfu Square
Jinli Street & Wuhou Shrine Museum
Qintai Road
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