Bus No.31: City Full of Fragrance of Flowers
Do you have to rack your brains to decide what attractions you will visit when you are in Chengdu? Here is a quick guide to traveling around the city by bus. Along every bus route here, there are amazing places to explore. Whether you are a foodie, history lover, or shopaholic, the bus lines listed below can satisfy your tastes and demands. Now sit back, relax and experience Chengdu’s fascinating attractions and Chengdu people’s laid-back life on a bus tour.
Bus Route No. 31 — City Full of Fragrance of Flowers
With a subtropical humid monsoon climate, Chengdu has four distinct seasons, which offers favorable natural conditions for different flowers to grow. Here in the city, in spring people can appreciate peach blossoms, pear flowers, sakura and rapeseed flowers, in summer blooming lotus, sunflowers and lavender, in fall golden chrysanthemums, sweet osmanthus and hibiscus mutabilis, and in winter orchids, camellia and plum blossoms. Don’t wait and view the beautiful flowers as they are in full bloom.
Bus No. 31
Starting from Hetang Yuese Station and ending in Chengren Bus Station
Daily hours of service: 7:00-20:30
Places to enjoy flowers
1st stop: Hetang Yuese Station
Sight spot: Hetang Yuese (Moonlight over the Lotus Pond)
As a famous part of Sansheng Village in Chengdu’s eastern suburbs for leisure, sightseeing, flower appreciation, fruit tasting and farm work experience, Hetang Yuese, literally meaning the moonlight over the lotus pond, is regarded as a perfect place to photograph blooming water lilies.
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