Sweet Sweet Ice Cream Cone
Highly acclaimed ice cream stores in Chengdu!

You can hardly resist the feel of biting into an ice cream cone. Such a miraculous combination of the frosty smoothness of the ice cream and the crispy crunch of the cone that makes you forget the summer heat: the taste of the cream lingers in your mouth, the crispy cone makes an edible container for a cold snack.

Yes, the ice cream cone is almost a standard offer in any ice cream stand. Here we recommend some of the highly acclaimed ice cream stores in Chengdu, where you can find your favorites.


Cost: RMB35/person
Add: Yan Ji You (Bookstore) in IFS
This Korean brand is a perfect combination of cute designs and varied flavors.
Many people are attracted by Honey Chips.
Snow Like Sel is also very popular.


Cost: RMB45/person
Add: LG123, in IFS
A must-try brand for many chocolate lovers, GODIVA was established in Brussels, Belgium, and was appointed as an official chocolatier to the Royal Court of Belgium in 1986. The rich chocolate flavor of the ice cream will never disappoint you.
Every cone is full of fillings.


Price: RMB25 for one
Add: KFC in Chunxi Road
Born in Hokkaido, Japan, this brand highlights the local Hokkaido milk. Cremia contains 12.5% specially selected Hokkaido milk and 25% whipping cream. The flavor is intensely milky and the creamy taste is wonderfully matched with the langue de chat (cat's tongue biscuit) cone.


Cost: RMB30/person
Add: underground of Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li Chengdu
The lead product at this dessert shop, matcha flavor ice cream cones offer six choices based on the matcha content.
Besides the matcha ones, there is a liquor flavor, which is recommended by a lot of people.
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