Sweet Sweet Ice Cream Cone
Highly acclaimed ice cream stores in Chengdu!

Besides the high-end ice cream cones, we also recommend the more modesty ones that are equally tasty but more favorably priced.

Ice Cream Cone of the Family Mart

Price: RMB 6 for one
With the strong milky taste and reasonable price, the ice cream cone from the convenience stores is worth trying.

Ice Cream Cone from IKEA Stores

Price: RMB1 for one
Add: Yizhou Avenue North, Hi-tech Zone (IKEA Chengdu Gaoxin Store)
9 Jiangjunbei Road, Rongdu Avenue, Chenghua District (IKEA Chengdu Chenghua Store)
It seems that only in IKEA can you buy an ice cream cone with just RMB1, and the taste is quite good! Whether shopping or window shopping in IKEA, you can have the ice cream cone as the best cold snack in summer.
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