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Sweet Sweet Ice Cream Cone

Highly acclaimed ice cream stores in Chengdu! ...
2017-05-10 | Detail

Italian delicacies at Chengdu Tivano Restaurant

Tivano Restaurant hides at a quiet niche at B ...
2017-03-14 | Detail

Panda-themed KFC Restaurant Opens in Chengdu

The first panda-themed restaurant arrives in ...
2016-07-04 | Detail

Mi Xun Tea House: Fragrance of Tea and Vegetarian Diet

Mi Xun Tea House is located at No. 7-8 Zhangh ...
2016-04-20 | Detail

Lai Tang Yuan

As one of the most famous and popular local s ...
2015-04-30 | Detail

Long Chao Shou

Titled a “China Time-honored Brand”, the Chen ...
2015-04-22 | Detail

Element Fresh Chengdu

The new two-storey restaurant with an area of ...
2015-03-23 | Detail

“Farm to Table” Dishes at the Temple Café

The Temple Café has launched a brand new conc ...
2016-11-03 | Detail

Jing Bar

Located inside a secluded yard, the Jing Bar ...
2016-05-27 | Detail

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