Xinjin Dragon Boat Regatta
Nanhe River, Xinjin County
A dragon boat sports show, part of the 6th International Festival of the Intangible Cultural Heritage & 2nd Chengdu Dragon Boat Open, and the 25th Xinjin Dragon Boat Regatta will be held on May 27 on the Nanhe River in southern Chengdu's Xinjin County. 28 dragon boat teams from Sichan and other places of the country will take part in the event.
The dragon boat race is a competition highly requiring teamwork. During the race, the drummer should beat the drum to guide the rowers to assign their strength rationally, and all the rowers shall row the boat like one person according to the drumbeats to make the boat move quickly on the water.
During the event, visitors can watch competitive water sport races and performances featuring local intangible cultural heritage, such as catching ducks in the river and dragon dance by women. Some award-winning classic repertoires of Sichuan Opera will be staged and old photographs on the dragon boat race will be exhibited.
The dragon boat race in Xinjin can be traced back to the early years of the Tang Dynasty (618—907) and Xinjin is called the home of dragon boats in Sichuan.