Wish You A Happy New Year in Chengdu
2018.12.30 - 2018.01.01
It is snowing in Chengdu, which has brought so much fun to the local people. In such cold days, how are you going to spend the three-day New Year holiday here in the city? Enjoy the unique snowscape on the outskirts, or stay inside the warm and cozy room?
Some exhibitions are underway in the city which may be good choices for you.
Exhibition for Sunken Treasures from Minjiang River in Jiangko
Venue: Sichuan Museum
Musical & Cultural Exhibition: 24 Musicians & Dancers
Forces of Nature: Ancient Maya Arts from the Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Venue: Chengdu Jinsha Site Museum
Portraits of Our Time
Venue: the gallery at C-Park Ideality
Roman Signer: Video & Film
Venue: LUXELAKES·A4 Art Museum
RE-SET Contemporary Art Exhibition
Venue: Museum of Contemporary Art Chengdu
Now it is time to pick and taste fresh winter strawberries in Chengdu. The strawberry farms around the city are waiting for you.
Picking Strawberries
Venue: outskirts of Chengdu