Some Scenic Spots, Attractions in Chengdu Reopened
Some scenic spots and tourist attractions in the city, including the Luodai Old Town, Kuan & Zhai Alleys and Jinli Cultural Block, have reopened to the public in recent days. To ensure all visitors stay healthy, many of the places have asked people to make reservations and limited temporarily the daily number of visitors. Visitors to the attractions should wear masks and follow the rules of the spots.
The scenic spots and attractions which have reopened in the city:
Kuan & Zhai Alleys
Some stores in the alleys have resumed business. To ensure all people's health in the area, staff of the stores and visitors should have their body temperatures measured before entering the spot.
Jinli Cultural Block
Visitors should scan the designated QR code, enter their ID information and have their body temperatures taken at the gate. The businesses in the block require visitors to disinfect their hands properly before doing shopping.
Luodai Old Town
Any shop occupying less than 30 square meters in the attraction shall receive no more than 5 tourists at the same time, and no more than 9 concurrently if it takes up more than 30 square meters. The scenic spot monitors the real-time visitor flow, and its maximum daily visitor capacity is 3000 persons.
Xiling Snow Moutain
Currently, the open area in the scenic spot is its ski resort.
Visitors can enter the spot only after a successful reservation is made through the official WeChat account "西岭雪山景区" or the official website of Xiling Snow Moutain.
Huanglongxi Old Town
The open space in the town is all public areas except temples and venues, and the daily opening hours are from 09:00 to 17:00. Visitors can make real-name reservations through WeChat account "黄龙溪古镇". After having booked successfully, visitors should fill in their true and correct information on WeChat mini program "天府健康通" to obtain a health code each. One can enter the scenic spot by showing his or her result of reservation, health code, ID card or other valid documents.