Sichuan Opera: The Story of Chen Mapo
2016.09.28 - 2016.09.29
SHE SAYS西婵国际剧场(水碾河路48号)
Mapo Tofu, created in 1862, is a world famous dish among Sichuan cuisine. Do you know how the dish was created? Why is it also called Chen Mapo Tofu? The Sichuan Opera show The Story of Chen Mapo, will give you the answers.
The show is based on various legends and historical records.
Beautiful young girl Liu Qiaogu is forced by her father to marry a dude named Mei Ziqing, but she falls into her childhood sweetheart Chen Fuchun. On her way to getting married with Mei, Qiaogu is infected with smallpox which leaves her face permanently pockmarked, and Mei refused to marry her. Then Chen Fuchun took her to Chengdu. The two set up a stall to sell tofu near the Wanfu Bridge in the downtown. The tofu cooked by Qiaogu is very delicious and well sold. Since Qiaogu has a pockmarked face and her husband's family name is Chen, the tofu cooked by her is called Mapo (means woman with a pockmarked face) Tofu or Chen Mapo Tofu.