Musical: Romance on Silk Road
2017.04.28 - 2017.05.06
RMB80, 180, 280 & 380
Eastern Suburb Memory
The musical Romance on Silk Road, the first large-scale musical drama about the Southern Silk Road produced in China, will be staged at the Chengdu Eastern Suburb Memory from Apr. 28 to May 6.
The drama originates from a true love story happening on the Road. It highlights, by beautiful music and dancing, the Southern Silk Road, harmonious co-existence among ethnic groups in China, and international exchange between China and other countries alongside the Road.
About the Southern Silk Road
Formed more than 2,000 years ago, the 2,000-kilometer trade route starting from Chengdu, running through India, and ending at the Middle East, is dubbed the "Southern Silk Road" by historians. The Road, well-known for the prosperity of silk trade along it, contributed much to the cultural exchange between ancient China and the outside world.