Milk-Fed Strawberries Waiting to Be Picked
2014.11.21 - 2014.12.21
Shuangliu County
Strawberries with flavor of apple, chocolate, coffee, mango, rose…Some of the winter strawberries of all the flavors at a strawberry base in Peng Town, Shuangliu County of Chengdu have grown red, and some strawberries are still not ripe. The straberry-picking season in Shuangliu began on Nov. 21.
Over 40 fine and rare varieties of strawberries, including white strawberry and vine strawberry are planted in the base. Milk is used to nourish the winter strawberries, and light music is played continuously every day to stimulate the growth of the cells of strawberries. By “drinking” milk and “listening to” music, the strawberries grow large and sweet.