Loquat Picking Tour in Suburban Chengdu
2020.05.05 - 2020.06.15
Suburban Chengdu
It is harvest time for loquats in suburban Chengdu, which promise a nice tour to pick the fresh, sweet and juicy fruit rich in vitamins in the orchards on the outskirts.
Longquanyi District
Longquanyi is one of China's famous fruit planting and export bases, especially famous for the production of peach and loquat. The places ideal for picking loquats in the district include Pipa Gou, Baigongyan Park and Longquan Lake.
Tianfu New Area
The Taiping, Yongxing and Xinxing neighbourhoods are ideal for picking loquats in Tianfu New Area.
Jintang County
The loquat orchards in Mt. Yunding are well worth a special tour.