Join GoChengdu Gusto in Exploring the Spring of the City
Sandaoyan Town, Pidu District
We are inviting expatriates who are interested in having a spring outing and sharing their experiences with others to join the group GoChengdu Gusto in experiencing the city.
The event organized by local website, is a continuation of such a series of programs held last year, and will offer members more interesting activities to explore the beautiful outskirts of Chengdu, such as cycling around an elevated greenway in Pidu District, appreciating bonsai art in Dujiangyan City, viewing peonies in Pengzhou City, and a lot more!
The first stop of the event will be on Mar. 16 in Pidu District in northwestern Chengdu, where all members will visit Sandaoyan Town, which is famous for its cultural richness and stunning sights of rapeseed flowers. During the tour, members will see lots of Sichuan embroidery artworks and watch cormorant fishing.
More such programs will take place in the following weeks and join us NOW!
How to sign up?
A. Log onto and register to become a GoChengdu Gusto member;
B. Once you finish the registration, please follow "GO成都" on WeChat, and send your email address and username for the registration to the WeChat account "GO成都".
After you finish the above procedures, the team will contact you as soon as possible.

Join GoChengdu Gusto and Explore the Spring of the City

We invite expatriates who love to go spring outing and share their experiences with other people to join the group GoChengdu Gusto and take part in programs to experience the city free of charge.

Mar 13, 2017