Enjoy a Happy Holiday in Chengdu
2017.10.01 - 2017.10.08
What will you do during the 8-day national holiday? Here are some things you can do in the city.
French Modern and Contemporary Art Exhibition
Venue: No. 1 Temporary Showroom, Chengdu Museum
Valérie Belin: Meta-Clichés
Venue: No. 2 Temporary Showroom, Chengdu Museum
Exhibition of Jade Culture during the Xia-Shang Periods
Venue: Jinsha Site Museum
14th Food & Tour Festival of Chengdu
Venue: Shangri-La Hotel Chengdu and other palces in the city
Experience Old Time Chengdu at Wide & Narrow Alleys
Venue: Wide & Narrow Alleys
22nd Chengdu Bamboo Culture Festival
Venue: Wangjianglou Park