Appreciating Pear Blossoms
2019.03.08 - 2019.05.06
Xinjin County & Qingliu Town, Xindu District
These days pear trees in and around Chengdu are bursting into full bloom.
The ongoing 20th Xinjin Pear Blossom Festival at Lihuaxi Scenic Spot in southern Chengdu's Xinjin County offers a good choice to view snow-white pear flowers.
There are eight good sites for appreciating pear blossom landscape inside the scenic spot.
Food and snacks themed or with pear blossoms as an ingredient will be a big eye-opener for all visitors during the two-month event.
Over 50 sideshows or activities involving Sichuan Opera, orienteering and classics of traditional Chinese culture will be presented, injecting more fun into the flower-themed festival.
Besides Lihuaxi in Xinjin, Qingliu Town in northern Chengdu's Xindu District is also a good place to view pear flowers. It is now staging a pear blossom festival at the Quanying Lihua Scenic Spot.
Visitors will have five tour itineraries to choose, which involve viewing flowers on bike on greenway, visiting cultural and historic attractions, food experience and shopping, experiencing rustic life and exploring Liang's Linpan (Linpan is a special type of rural settlement in the Chengdu Plain). A variety of activities will be held at the town during the Festival.
Best Viewing Period
The florescence of pear trees in Chengdu is mid-March.