Appreciate Spring Flowers Wearing Masks
Peach, cherry and cole blossoms and many other flowers are now in full bloom, presenting a picturesque spring landscape. Currently, with the orderly reopening of the scenic spots in Chengdu, local residents have a chance to go out into nature and appreciate the beauty of spring. But everyone going for an outing to view flowers must remember to wear a mask and abide by stipulations made by attractions, all of which require people not to gather.
Shuangliu Airport Flower Field
It is open daily from 09:00 to 17:00. Visitors shall show their ID cards, wear masks and have their temperature measured before entering the park. The spot will limit the daily number of entrants when necessary.
Flowers Manor
The daily reception capacity of the spot is limited within 20% of its daily maximum volume (2000 visitors per day). Visitors can enter the spot only after a successful reservation is made through the official website of Meituan or Ctrip. One should show his or her ID card, wear a mask and has body temperature measured before entering the scenic spot. Remember not to gather when traveling in the park. The management of the park has placed disinfectants for visitors in many locations inside the attraction.
Xingfu Tianyuan
The space open to the public in the spot are the Xingdu Tianyuan Wetland Park and other public areas outside the surrounding residential quarters. It opens at 09:00 and closes at 17:00, and its daily visitor capacity is limited within 1000.
Zhanqi Village
The opening space in the village includes all the places except the Fifth Season's Mother Farm, Zhanqi community and Jinxing Wetland. Local citizens can enter the village by producing their ID cards, and non-locals shall make reservations. The spot limits the number of visitors at regular intervals, and the number of tourists in the core area is no more than 1500 at the same time. Visitors should wear masks when entering the spot, scan the QR code of mobile App "天府健康通" in advance to get personal health codes, and then have their body temperatures measured. After entering the village, they shall not gather, and should smaintain a distance at least 2 meters with one another.
Shixiang Lake Scenic Spot
The spot is now offering 50% off the listed ticket price, and its daily opening hours are from 09:00 to 17:00. Limiting its daily visitor flow to no more than 3000, the park lets visitors in at intervals and in batches, and ask them not to gather.
Tourists must buy tickets with their real names and show their own ID cards before entering the park. All people will be registered, shall have their body temperatures measured, and produce one of the five forms of health certificates including the health code having obtained from "天府健康通", whenever they enter the spot.