Appreciate Peach Blossoms
2019.03.11 - 2019.04.07
Longquanyi District, Jianyang City & Qingbaijiang District
It is time to view peach blossoms in suburban Chengdu.
Longquanyi District
33rd Chengdu (Longquanyi) Peach Blossom Festival
At the ongoing 33rd Chengdu Peach Blossom Festival at Longquanyi District, visitors can view the beautiful pink flowers in many places, including Taohua Guli, Longquan Mountains Urban Forest Park, Qingling Taoyuan, Hongqi Village of Tong'an Neighbourhood, Honghua Village of Shanquan Town, Weiran Flower Sea and Jianzhou New Town.
A number of events will be held from mid-March to late April, including those involving fitness, food and camping, as well as a Han Chinese costume show.
Jianyang City
8th Jianyang Peach Blossom Festival
The main venue for the Festival is the Donglai Taoyuan Scenic Spot at the Boluo Village of Jianyang's Jiajia Town. Organized outdoor activities involving photography, cycling and jogging, etc. are offered during the event.
Qingbaijiang District
29th Qingbaijiang Peach Blossom Eco-tourism Festival
The event is being held at the Longmen Taohuagou Scenic Spot, Yaodu Town in northeast Chengdu's Qingbaijing District, which boasts more than 200 hectares of peach trees.
Renhe Nectarine Blossom (Fruit) Festival
It is the right time to appreciate nectarine blossoms at the Renhe Oil Peach Blossom (Fruit) Festival ongoing at Renhe Township, Qingbaijiang District. Besides viewing flowers, visitors can cycle around the surrounding areas, and take part in a photo-taking tour and a poetry reading session during the Festival.