2017 China·Dujiangyan Water-releasing Festival
2017.04.02 - 2017.04.04
Dujiangyan City
The 2017 China·Dujiangyan Water-releasing Festival will take place at 10:30 am on April 2 in northwestern Chengdu' s Dujiangyan City, to celebrate the 2,273rd anniversary of the construction of the famous Dujiangyan Irrigation System, commemorate the builders of the system and mark the beginning of a busy spring season. The city is named after the world famous ancient irrigation system, which is now still in use.
The great ceremony will be a dramatization of the ancient way to control water and reflect the profound culture of the irrigation system and the city through a four-act stage play. During the event, water collected from 9 places around the world will be poured into the Minjiang River flowing through the city, over 100 university students from across the globe will give performances, and shows of Qingcheng Taichi and costumed "pandas" will be staged.