Notre Dame De Paris Presented by British TNT Theatre to be Staged in Chengdu
2019.11.22 - 2019.11.23
RMB100, 180, 280, 380/person
Chengdu Women & Children Center Theater
French musical Notre Dame De Paris presented by British TNT Theatre
In French with Chinese subtitles
The modern drama is adapted from Hugo Victor's homonymous novel.
Paul Stebbings, artistic director of the British TNT Theatre and director of the modern drama, says that strong sense of morality and justice and amazing narrative jointly contribute to such a pleasant read. Compared with the times Hugo lived in, the theme of novel Notre Dame De Paris searching for is more meaningful today. It is about religion and morality, sex and love, etc. In Hugo's eyes, modernization outshined the original glamour of Paris, so he wrote such a novel as the elegy for the metropolis.
The musical Notre Dame De Paris presented by TNT is full of passion and power, bringing a strong visual effect to audience. Its French line is very classic, graceful and lucid. And the typical creation of music by TNT plays an essential role in the drama.
British TNT Theatre
The theatre is founded in 1980. Its artistic director Paul Stebbings won multiple international awards including those presented by the organizing committees of the Munich Biennale and Edinburgh Art Festival.