Marc Mangen & Michel Reis Dual Piano Concert
280 180 120 80
Jincheng Palace of Fine Arts
Pianists Marc Mangen and Michel Reis will show the audience a kind of free and well-organized world through their music conception. In the duo played by Marc and Michel, the audience can experience the shift from personal style to inclusiveness with characters. Dual piano for them is a form of creation, which can show their harmonious music conception. Marc and Michel have created new works with some completely improvising parts specially for the duo. Through the deep interaction between the beautiful melody and harmony, Marc and Michel make their music very humanized and energetic. Marc Mangen is a world famous pianist in the circle of jazz, funk and fusion. His music is based on traditional music as well as has strong personal characters. Through continuous study, Mark creates more possibilities for chords and melodies. Michel Reis, a pianist and composer, started musical training when he was very young. He learned classical piano, jazz piano, composing and theory in the Conservatoire of Luxembourg. Michel went to Boston to continue his study in the Berklee College of Music and the New England Conservatory of Music.