Interactive Show: Rythmo!
2017.07.07 - 2017.07.09
RMB120, 180, 220, 280, 380(220×2), 500(280×2), 580(220×3), 760(280×3)
She Says International Theatre
Rythmo, the interactive show brought by Canadian performers, will be staged July 7-9 at the She Says International Theatre. Everyone comes to the show will be excited by the rhythms played by performers and all the audience.
Before the show, each of the audience will be offered four kinds of instruments, a pair of drumsticks, a colorful sound pipe, a hand drum and a maraca, all of which can be used during the show. A fantastic instrument will also be in the show — your body.
During the 70-minute performance, the percussionists from Canada will direct the audience on how to use such instruments to jointly complete the show.