Global Music Tour - Steve Barakatt
RMB80, 120, 160 & 260/person
Milk Deluxe Concert Hall (48 Shuinian River Road)
Global Music Tour highlighting musicians from different countries and regions throughout the globe will go on this week. Canadian pianist Steve Barakatt will give a concert on Aug. 10.
Steve Barakatt, born in 1973 in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada, is an award-winning composer, pianist, singer, music producer, and creative director. He began to take piano lessons at the age of 4, and to study classical music at 10.
As a concert pianist, Steve has presented more than 500 live performances on five continents. And as a recording artist, he has sold more than five million albums worldwide.
Show Time
19:30, Aug. 10
I'm Sorry
Coast to Coast
Sursum Corda (from Ad Vitam Aeternam)
Angel over Me
Rainbow Bridge
I Can't Live without You
Quebec 1608
Sailing Together
A Night in New York City
The Whistler's Song
Hoping She Would be There
Nuit d'amour à Paris
Autumn in Quebec
Riding around the Forbidden City
Lullaby, the UNICEF Anthem
* ca. 90m duration
* Program subject to change