2018 Spring Wave Music and Art Festival
One-day Ticket: RMB300/person
Weiran Flower Sea, 8 Huahai Road, Tong’an Town, Longquanyi District
The 2018 Spring Wave Music and Art Festival, one of the largest-scale outdoor music events in Asia, will kick off at 13:50 on June 16 at Weiran Flower Sea in Chengdu.
9 singers or bands will perform in an ambience full of floral scents.
How to get there
By self-drive
Downtown Chengdu—Chengyu (Chengdu-Chongqing) Expressway—Exit Longquanyi—Weiran Flower Sea
Downtown Chengdu—Chengluo (Chengdu-Luodai) Highway—Luodai Town—Weiran Flower Sea
By metro and bus
Metro Line 2—Longquanyi District—Bus No.850—Weiran Flower Sea
Wuguiqiao Bus Terminal—Bus No.219—Luodai Bus Terminal—Shuttle Bus—Weiran Flower Sea