2016 New Year Concert by Chengdu Orchestra
RMB80, 120 & 160
Chengdu Pride Concert Hall
Holding a New Year Concert to usher in the new year is a tradition of many big cities around the world. The Chengdu Orchestra will stage a high-level concert on Dec. 30 to celebrate the upcoming new year. The organizer of the event will invite He Jianguo, a famous state-level I conductor in China, Ruan Yuqun and Li Shuang, singers from the China National Opera House, and Yu Yuanchun, a young lutanist from the Central Nationalities Orchestra, to join in the performance.
The Chengdu Orchestra is composed of the Chengdu National Orchestra and Chengdu Symphony Orchestra. It is one of the influential orchestras in western China, with a glorious history and a lot of successful experiences of performance.