Wanna be a Junior Docent at iStart Children’s Art Festival 2018?
2018.07.28 - 2018.08.13
Luxe Lakes A4 Art Museum
Hi, children! Do you want to have a very different summer vacation? Here is an opportunity! The iStart Children's Art Festival 2018 will come soon and the organizer is now recruiting junior docents for the event.
The iSTART Children's Art Festival is an important annual event of LUXELAKES·A4 Art Museum. From the persepctive of children and by way of multi-dimensional art programs and experience of sensory interaction, it aims to inspire children's art thinking and creativity. During the art festival, the public can watch contemporary art- and children-themed exhibitions, and participate in theme workshops, education-oriented lectures, as well as special programs, from which they can gain different artistic experience and inspirations.
Requirements for Applicants:
1. Those aged from 6 to 15;
2. With love for art, having strong language and interpersonal skills, and being warm-hearted and easygoing; and,
3. Being willing to serve as a docent (for at least 3 times each) during spare time and for free, according to the museum's arrangements.
Duration of the Recruitment
28 July-13 Aug.
Training Day
16 Aug.
Service Days
18 Aug.-13 Oct.
Number of Volunteers to be Recruited
Tel: 028-85761550