Viewing Crabapple Blossoms
2019.01.31 - 2019.04.15
Haitang Park, Anlong Town, Dujiangyan City
The crabapple blossoms are in full bloom these days in and around Chengdu. A crabapple blossom festival is being staged and will run till mid-April at the Haitang (Crabapple Blossom) Park in Anlong Town, northwest Chengdu's Dujiangyan City.
Traditional Sichuan-style crabapple blossom bonsais and sculpted topiary of flowering crabapple and crape myrtle trees in shapes of birds, animals, pavilions, towers and Chinese characters can be seen in the park.
During the Festival, visitors can view the beautiful flowers and bonsai trees at 36 boutique bonsai gardens in the town.
Flower Season of Crabapple Blossoms at Anlong Town
Feb.- mid-Apr.
By Self-drive
Downtown Chengdu→Chengguan(Chengdu-Dujiangyan) Highway→Ande Exit→Shou'an Town of Wenjiang District→Chengqing (Chengdu-Mt. Qingcheng) Expressway→Anlong Town
Downtown Chengdu→Guanghua Ave.→Wenjiang District→Chengqing (Chengdu-Mt. Qingcheng) Expressway →Anlong Town