Strawberry Music Festival 2014 Chengdu
2014.05.31 - 2014.06.01

Student: RMB 100

Adult: RMB 120 (for reference only)

Poly 198 Park, Xindu District, Chengdu, China
Strawberry Festival is the brainchild of local record label Modern Sky, and a favorite among indie and art-rock fans. With a staggering seven stages and hundreds of acts, Strawberry has something for everyone, ranging from old-school rock bands to hipster favorites. The Strawberry Music Festival 2014, themed “SNS Life is Rubbish, Get a Real Life,” will be launched in Chengdu for evidently trying to encourage festival-goers to connect and meet via traditional channels. Specific performance lineup will be announced recently. Three stages named “Strawberry,” “Love” and “MAE & Electronic” will be on play at the Chengdu Strawberry Music Festival. Moreover the sponsors will stage a new activity for visitors, providing people with a place for chit-chat.