Cherry Picking Tour
2019.04.12 - 2019.05.31
Jianyang and Pujiang
The harvest season of cherries is coming. It is right time to pick them fresh off the trees.
13th Jianyang Cherry Festival
April 16-the end of May
Yingtaogou (Cherry Valley) Tourist Area
During the Festival, visitors can pick and taste fresh cherries, enjoy the countryside scenery, and eat delicious rustic food, such as local bacon, mutton soup (a famous food in Jianyang), and roasted goat. Some sideshows will be launched, including a cultural and creative fair, self-drive tour, and an exhibition of paintings and sketches.
Pujiang Daxigu Cherry Festival
April 12-Mid-May
Yingtaoshan Scenic Spot in Pujiang County's Guanming Township
The plant area of cherries at Yingtaoshan Scenic Spot is over 1333.33 ha., planting three species of cherries.